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SupDucks is a collection of funny NFT avatars depicting adorable ducks with a variety of traits and features. The basic concept of the collection is pretty common: there are 10.000 ducks that were computer-generated from a wide range of hand-drawn details. However, what makes the ducks so interesting is the attractive drawing style: the project was launched by a widely known Latin American artist FrankyNines who has a very distinctive approach to making pictures.


The ducks are indeed quite colorful and quirky. Each of them is unique, and the range of viable traits you can find on them includes:

  • 16 different multicolored backgrounds;
  • 18 types of skins and 38 types of clothes;
  • a variety of random hats, eyes, and mouths.


There are also ten so-called Super Ducks which have unique traits not used in any other ducks of the collection. Of course, these are incredibly rare and valuable.


About the project

The developers are pretty straightforward when it comes to defining the ultimate meaning of their project: your personal duck is meant to «enrich your life» in some way. However, what’s even more important is that one of the rare sup ducks is supposed to make your friends jealous, and that’s pretty much it. But why would you expect anything too meaningful from some NFT collectibles project, anyway?


Of course, the majority of people who purchase the SupDucks NFT avatars view them as some kind of potentially profitable investments, and some of the tokens helped their owners make a fortune, indeed. The entire collection of 10.000 virtual ducks was sold out within 48 hours. An average duck was sold for something like 0.5 ETH at the launch, but the price skyrocketed in a couple of days, allowing the first owners to sell their avatars very profitably.


Some of the ducks has reached unbelievably high prices. For example, one of the unique NFTs called Galactic Duck was able to reach 75 ETH in just a month after the project launch. Many other SupDucks are currently available for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the secondary market, and their price still seems to grow. That means it’s not actually late to purchase a duck for yourself since it may as well become even more valuable in the future.


User reviews

The community of the project seems to be especially active, and many new people are attracted by FrankyNines thanks to his reputation and popularity as an artist. Social media channels are buzzing with activity, and the majority of the sup ducks nft reviews seems to remain explicitly positive after more than half a year has passed since the launch. Even a brief overview shows that SupDucks are currently one of the most popular and promising NFT projects and have all the chances to become truly legendary.

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