Hotbit Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Hotbit Cryptocurrency Exchange – spot and ETF trading without leverage

The Hotbit Exchange was launched in 2017, and the launch of full trading and investment functionality took place in 2018.

The platform trades bitcoin and other popular altcoins, including Ethereum, Litcoin, Ripple, etc. There are several fiat currencies, including the US dollar, the euro and the Chinese yuan. The exchange implements five investment solutions, including De-Fi coin deposits, lending and POS.

Trading commissions on the exchange are fixed and do not depend on the volume of trades, for example, 0.05% for the seller and 0.2% for the buyer. Withdrawal fee in any of the ways is 0.001 BTC or equivalent in withdrawn currency.

In addition to the web terminal, there is a mobile application for iOS and Android. There is a listing that helps add new cryptocurrencies, and coins are constantly being added to the platform.

Trading Options

Hotbit provides users with a standard TradingView trading terminal and a version adapted for iOS and Android mobile devices. The exchange does not offer demo accounts or tutorials.

There is only a typical FAQ section on the platform, which outlines the basics of cryptocurrency trading and interaction with the platform. Beginner traders are attracted by the lack of a minimum deposit and low fixed fees.

Intuitive Investment

The exchange has another important advantage over competitors. There are five types of deposits offered, from lending to POS. There are several programs in each section, more than three hundred in all. The investor can easily choose the best option for themselves in terms of asset, minimum deposit, term and annual interest rate. The platform is equally convenient for both active traders and users who focus on passive earnings.

Плюсы Hotbit:

  • more than 700,000 active and registered users, the exchanger works in many countries;
  • it is focused on the most developing markets in the world, such as Japan, Russia, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries and Turkey;
  • users can make transactions using more than 200 cryptocurrencies;
  • users can trade ETFs using cryptocurrencies;
  • Hotbit offers only spot trading and does not offer margin trading. Hotbit has advanced charting tools and trading features;
  • trading platform offers a mobile trading application available on iOS and Android.
  • the exchange is considered one of the best in the number of cryptocurrencies traded on the platform. Daily trading is over $ 100 million.
  • Hotbit’s commission for buyers corresponds to the industry average.

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