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Features of functioning NFT platform < i> Axie Infinity.

The NFT industry has grown in popularity over time when you consider companies from different industries, sports leagues and celebrities. They are not only engaged in the acquisition of digital art, but also selling them for very impressive sums. It is noteworthy that considerable attention is paid to gaming products that are based on blockchains. According to experts analyzing the cryptocurrency market and technologies associated with it, games NFT is characterized by a significant capitalization, currently reaching $ 180 billion.

About the platform

Recently, the platform axie infinity enjoys considerable popularity among the consumer audience for due to high functional qualities and excellent instrumentation. It was developed by Sky Mavis – a studio from Vietnam, in 2018, which led to the popularization of a very interesting trend: making money while playing. According to the available information, the volume of implementation within the framework of this project is at the level of $ 2 billion, and this makes axi infinity the most valuable, if we consider the NFT collections. This platform has bypassed a number of well-known names in popularity, among which we can distinguish CryptoPunks, as well as NBA Top Shot.

As noted, the number of owners axs (cryptocurrency) is gradually increasing, and has already almost reached the mark of 17.5 thousand addresses. This indicates the growing demand for the project, where games based on NFT are used. In general, axie infinity cryptocurrency is an interesting project not only for the youth audience, but also for users of other age categories. Overview this project can be freely found on various web resources in the global network.

Platform Perspectives

It can be assumed to a large extent that axi infinity marketplace has not yet reached its peak, given the significant recent growth rates. Therefore, you should predict the development of the project in the following aspects:

  • increase in capitalization and profitability;
  • target audience growth and expansion of its age range;
  • Expanding the toolkit for a consumer audience.

The project in question may well remain in demand for a long time, successfully competing with similar products, and sometimes even surpassing them. It can be noted that such gambling projects that allow earning money are characterized by high potential, given the considerable interest in them on a global scale. In addition, they are of considerable interest in terms of design and tools used.

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