NFT platform PUNKS Comic

Cryptocurrency allows you to earn good money, subject to certain skills and knowledge.
Runks comic nft is a new project that has managed to establish itself as one of the most successful and popular. Platform participants can make good money through investments. The project was created by a well-known collector, whose name is Bini.

Platform details and features

The site is presented in the form of a comic strip. Many investors immediately realized that comics could bring good dividends. The main character’s name is Punk Comic. Interestingly, the name of the owner of the block of shares is exactly the same. The platform has a sufficient number of customers who trust it. Those with a roadmap have the opportunity to:

  • Burn the cards
  • Hold
  • Receive funds to people as monetary rewards

The project was not immediately appreciated by investors. For one period, it completely slowed down, after which investors renewed their confidence, began to invest in the project, and now it is one of the world leaders in the sale of tokens.

Information about the project to date

Investors say that the project cannot be limited to only one site. If you have more than 5 thousand comics, you can have access to the second edition of the project. The first tokens on the platform were generally distributed free of charge, and as soon as a larger number of owners declared their rights to own unique images, the tokens became paid and entered the top of sales.
Covid token took the lead. During the pandemic, a large number of people began to buy cryptocurrency.

How the company began to work with a well-known sports company

There is such a company – Adidas. She is loved by many athletes for style and quality. The punks comic platform has created a joint event with Adidas, where there will be a sale, including branded costumes. One of the main events will take place on the 17th. Anyone can buy Adidas’ signature digital black suit, which features the famous white stripes.
Purchasing a suit will allow you to have a unique token that has no analogues in the world.


The review and reviews indicate to us that the platform is very popular, in demand among customers. Her security is top notch. If you want to make good money on cryptocurrency, pay attention to this site. And athletes can rejoice at the opportunity for original sales that their favorite company arranges for them. Moreover, buying a digital tracksuit will help you earn good money by owning a unique token.

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