Bored Ape NFT Review

Features of the Bored Ape NFT Platform

Nowadays, technologies are developing at such a rapid pace that people have ceased to be surprised at the possibility of obtaining sufficiently high incomes in a short period of time without investing significant financial resources. At the same time, even digital art began to spread, which is very popular on a global scale. His subjects can be so varied that they are not even embraced by the imagination of the most advanced artists. It turns out to be in demand not only among experts, but also ordinary Internet users.

About the platform

There is a wide variety of digital art products on the NFT market, with some reaching cosmic levels. Among the prominent representatives of this industry is the project called bored ape , which translates as “bored monkey”. Its authors, it should be noted, have made quite good money on the hype of art in virtual performance. In the global network, you can find numerous positive reviews regarding this development. Such art is admired by connoisseurs of art.

It is noteworthy that the most expensive token was 3749, the sale of which took place in September this year. Its cost was at the level of 2.92 million US dollars. It is possible that after a certain period of time there will be an offer of tokens at higher prices. They are all offered to clients in ETH.

In general, bored ape is a platform which is sometimes used by charities purposes. It is known that when the tokens went to the “secondary housing”, the artists for 1.5 months transferred 2.5% of each sale transaction to the shelters where the animals are located. This contributes to some growth in the popularity of such a platform among the client audience.

Platform Perspectives

As experts who analyze the cryptocurrency market and modern technologies in this direction emphasize, the platform in question is characterized by rather optimistic prospects on a global scale. This applies to the following aspects:

  • capitalization;
  • tooling extensions for clients;
  • use in various fields of activity, etc.

Overview of the platform in question can be seen on various web resources. At the same time, there are interesting recommendations regarding the possibility of getting good earnings using such a resource. Such a platform competes at a decent level with similar developments currently presented. Therefore, it has become more popular over time.

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