Cryptoadz Platform for NFT

Platform Cryptoadz – is a site that collects crypto art items included to one of the thematic collections non-fungible tokens CrypToadz ( Cryptojub). In recent months, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed a real boom in purchases and sales of so-called digital art. Users now have the opportunity to earn fabulous sums not only from buying the cryptocurrency itself, but also from non-fungible tokens.

Speculative digital art sales boom

To increase investment attractiveness, a cryptocurrency services company, recently announced that which opens a dedicated marketplace for the sale and purchase of non-fungible tokens (NFT). American investment firm Defiance has created the world’s first digital art exchange-traded fund (NFT). It will have to facilitate access for large global investors to the market for non-fungible tokens.

Such decisions were the result of the sale of the first digital art collections, including the ball and the collection CrypToadz nft . On December 1, 2021, the American branch of the FTX.US crypto exchange opened a new service that allows speculative trading of NFT tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users were able to purchase a digital code of pictures from the collection CrypToadz, reviews about the results of sales appeared on specialized forums. They described how the creators of the images were able to earn huge sums by selling their digital keys.

What’s in the CrypToadz Digital Collection

CrypToadz digital collection includes 6,969 amphibian images by Gramplin. The collection is publicly available, allowing each user to use the drawn toads in a convenient way. Now they can be bought for Ethereum cryptocurrency on a special exchange. Trades show that pictures from the collection CrypToadz NFT are in high demand on the virtual exchange selling digital art .

Trading results for the lot CrypToadz

Review past bidding for this digital art lot is showing impressive results. Prices for digital toads from this collection range from 3.22 to 300 ETH. In dollar terms, the minimum cost of one digital toad from the collection CrypToadz NFT is 13 thousand 52 dollars. In total, 7025 NFTs were created for 3671 unique owners of such digital keys. The total capitalization of the collection of digital toads was $ 91,696,391.74.

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