Detailed analysis of the Solana token

Currently, there are a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges where you can make profitable investments. Many of them use the blockchain protocol, it regulates trading operations, and thanks to it, decentralized applications and smart contracts are created. Among such platforms, it is worth highlighting the Solana digital token. It is a fourth-generation blockchain and cryptocurrency and uses an open infrastructure to provide great scalability.

A brief description of

The Solana project was founded in 2017. During this period, Anatoly Yakovenko developed a cryptocurrency and a platform. He worked alongside Greg Fitzgerald and Eric Williams, and together they were able to achieve the main goal, which was to create an infinitely scalable blockchain.
Solana is currently recognized as the advanced fourth generation blockchain. Almost immediately after the appearance, the project teamed up with another promising blockchain protocol, Serum, to create DEX.
The main competitive advantage of the Solana platform is high scalability and reduced fees. When conducting numerous studies, tests, it was found that the throughput is from 50 to 191 thousand transactions per second. In the future, the developers promise that the speed will be 700 thousand per second.

Transaction acceleration technologies

The Solana cryptocurrency is a modern project, it works on the basis of a fast blockchain with smart contracts and without sharding.The project created 8 technologies that accelerate the blockchain:

  • Proof of History (PoH) is a clock on the blockchain. This technology is a consensus algorithm, thanks to which the nodes agree on the time and order of events for decision making. This allows you to reduce costs and delay transactions;
  • Tower BFT. This algorithm uses the PoH time system;
  • Turbine. The protocol exchanges nodes directly;
  • Gulfstream. A protocol that eliminates waiting for transaction confirmations. It sends a hash of transactions in advance;
  • Sealevel. This is an environment in which a thousand smart contracts are executed at one time. All this is carried out thanks to the cores of video cards;
  • Pipelining. This is a module that optimizes transaction validation;
  • Cloudbreak. The technology is a database that scales accounts horizontally. Thanks to it, nodes can write and read 32 streams at the same time;
  • Archivers. Distributed ledger storage. In the Solana project, data is stored using a network of nodes, which is also called an archiver.

All of these technologies ensure that various operations are carried out quickly on the Solana platform. Cryptocurrency can be used for trading, investing. Tokens allow you to get a good profit, and in the future, experts give a positive forecast, the Solana project will expand, the value of the cryptocurrency will increase. Therefore, you can safely invest in it.

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